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I like all sorts of genres, and I love a good series. However, I dislike books that portion the story out to readers in a serialized fashion over several volumes, and I refuse to buy them.

Sweet Gone South

Sweet Gone South  - Alicia Hunter Pace I'd give this 4.5 stars if Goodreads would allow it. I liked Lanie and Luke. They were each struggling in their own way, and yet together, they made things better for the other. Emma was a cute child, and yet she still pouted and stamped her foot, so she wasn't the stereotypical too-cute-to-believe fictional child. Her association with kissing and mommies and daddies was a nice touch, and it nudged the plot along in a natural way.

The author did a good job with broadly sketching out southern life in a small town, and I laughed out loud at the "pie and casserole brigade", with their pyrex and good serving dishes. I've seen that in action, and the author nailed it perfectly.

Lanie's friends were given enough character to serve the plot, but not so much as to overwhelm it, and I'm looking forward to reading the next book in the series featuring Tolly and Ethan.

The only reason that I didn't give it an outright 5 stars was the coincidence between the way Carrie died and Lanie's accident. I know coincidences happen in real life, but it did seem a bit convenient as a method to prompt Luke to realize how much Lanie truly meant to him.