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I like all sorts of genres, and I love a good series. However, I dislike books that portion the story out to readers in a serialized fashion over several volumes, and I refuse to buy them.

The Arrangement (The Survivors' Club #2)

The Arrangement (The Survivors' Club #2) - Mary Balogh This is such a lovely, gentle story of two broken people who help each other to come into their own. I enjoyed that there wasn't truly any Big Misunderstanding, only Sophie and Vincent trying to honor a bargain they'd made and that they now each regretted - a situation that was quickly resolved when they talked it over. That's something else I enjoyed about this book: our hero and heroine actually like each other and spend time talking together. In a sea of stories where the hero and heroine take an instant dislike to each other (yet fall into bed anyway), constantly assume the worst about each other (yet never bother to ask the other about anything important), this book was a gem.