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I like all sorts of genres, and I love a good series. However, I dislike books that portion the story out to readers in a serialized fashion over several volumes, and I refuse to buy them.

The Carriage Trade - This is a difficult book to read in some respects but that's because it deals with difficult issues. Carlin "Carlos" Farley has suffered incredible losses and is trying to resume her life under drastically altered circumstances. She's admirable in that she doesn't sink into self-pity, although the author gave us glimpses of the depression and despair she went through in the initial aftermath of the accident.

Bill Fantazma has taken many different roles in Carlos's life, but he's always loved her, and now he's trying to do what he feels is right for her, even if that means believing he would no longer have a romantic future with her. He's every bit as admirable as Carlos, remaining patient and understanding even when it's a struggle to do so. With each patient act, he shows Carlos how much he loves her, but due to Carlos's injuries, she doesn't quite recognize it.

It's not a light book, but there are several humorous, light-hearted moments, and I particularly enjoyed the rag-tag band of employees and friends that Carlos has gathered around her. Nora Hobart stood out amongst these. She was Carlos's best female friend prior to the accident, something that Carlos knows but can't remember. Nora swings between frustrated anger and protectiveness, something I thought was a very human response to the situation.

Overall, it was a memorable book, and I'll be interested in reading the sequel the author has in the works.