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I like all sorts of genres, and I love a good series. However, I dislike books that portion the story out to readers in a serialized fashion over several volumes, and I refuse to buy them.

Hot Under Pressure (Rising Star Chef #3) - Louisa Edwards I enjoyed this book much more than I did the one preceding this in the series. Beck was an intriguing character, and it was interesting to see how he was forced to confront his emotions instead of remaining stoic. Skye was a likeable character, although I never quite connected with her, and I'm not certain why. Perhaps I expected her to break away from her parents' influence more solidly, but that was my own expectation and nothing that was set up in the book, so I can't fault the author for that at all.

The book lost a star over the ending, however. I was appalled at the way Skye threw the RSC competition. After going through so much work, shutting down her restaurant, and dragging her employees all over the country, to simply throw the competition at the last minute was a stupid thing to do. Rather than being the empowering grand gesture that I suspect the author was going for, it was an action more suited to an overly emotional teenager and made Skye seem melodramatic.